It seems that Peter Parker is an ordinary boy living in New York, at first glance, he is not different from other boys, he does not have any special talents and hobbies, special appearance or super-high intelligence. In fact, its just an illusion, he has a number of superpowers that showed up after he was bitten by a strange insect, a radioactive spider. Following the principles of his beloved uncle, who in life went with the motto great responsibility comes with great power, Parker decides to declare himself a Spider-Man, a superhero in a hurry to help, to those who need it. But what will this secret struggle for justice lead to ?!

A group of med students decides to uncover the secret of being putting each other into a state of flat line. Playing with the death in this way young people try to learn what afterlife is. Without realizing the danger of what they do the guys go closer and closer to the point of no return. In addition, one of the students, after the last experiment, has returned not alone.

This is a story of Queen Victoria and her last favorite Abdul Karim. The movie tells about the events happened in the last years of widowed empress reign. The death of her husband leaves Victoria alone among numerous officials, relatives and servants. Meanwhile, little known Indian from Lalitpur enlisting the support of English official, to who he provided some services, gets a work as a servant in the court. Abdul ignores advice of the officials and suddenly gets Victorias favor.

Tennis match of 1973 between the number one tennis player in the world Billie Jean King and ex-champion, the repeated winner of Grand Slam tournaments Bobby Riggs, was called the battle of the sexes and became the most rating sports show of the history. This battle was in the spirit of the times, when the society discussed gender equality that was actively promoting by feminists.

There are often big events in big megalopolis. The next sports festival is supposed to bring lots of people together. Not only professional runners take part in a marathon race organized in honor of an important date. Simple citizens have a great opportunity to test their capacity together with famous athletes. Twenty years old guy Jeff Bauman does not take part in the race, but there is his girlfriend who is fond of sports. The hero will support her and wait at the finish.

Daniel is young enough and likes his profession very much. The guy thinks this is a vocation and is ready to do everything to prove his views. Permanent difference of opinion with mentor father Victor makes the young guy say rash and passionate words that place him in an awkward position. Ongoing situations are calmed down by father Ollie, he is a gentle man who engages in worldly tasks. The philosophy is the preacher in the garage cannot be a saint.

In the beginning of the story we meet Lizzie Cree, a famous singer, who is arrested by suspect in husbands murder. Police ignores obvious connection to the same crimes recently committed in the city and the case goes to trial where the guilty verdict issues. The woman continues to deny her guilt. Lizzie literally screams about the golem killing the people. This is a terrible monster created by one of the citizens of London.

Twenty-seven-year-old Barry Seal managed to become the youngest pilot in civil aviation in the United States. He managed to sit down at the helm of the famous Boeing 747. While executing international flights, a man gets acquainted with a CIA agent who, having studied the talents of the pilot, invites him to leave the aviation. According to the agent, such professionals should work for the benefit of their native country. After consulting with his wife, Barry gives the agent a positive response and starts working for the CIA.

Ninjago city called on young Lloyd (aka green ninja) and his friends (secret warriors and lego great masters) to defend itself. Under leadership of kung-fu master Wu, as mighty as witty, they have to beat evil dictator Garmadon, the most evil villain who becomes Lloyds father. Robots against robots, son against father. The epic fight will test the strength of this team of the modern ninjas.

There was a time when Garry Eggsy was an ordinary boy who was awaited by the criminal future. But, lucky for him, an old friend of his father appears in the life of the protagonist. He presented Gary starling perspective. Harry offers Eggsy to join a spy agency Kingsman. The guy agrees, but he has to go through many tests to become a member of the organization.