In the majestic desert there are two clans of snakes. One of them, the clan of green snakes, enjoys all the blessings of nature. Having taken a picturesque oasis, they enjoy serenity and bliss in the abundance of water and food. Other snakes, venomous asps, are forced to fight for their own survival every day. They resist heat, drought, night cold, lack of vegetation, water and food. In addition, they have to fight predatory birds.

The plot will tell you about the complexities of living in a reservation created for the indigenous population, undergoing the injustice of the invading Yankees. Cory Lambert is far from young, so after the death of his daughter, he finds a quiet job away from the hustle and bustle of people, and enjoys loneliness. He works for the Department of Hunting and Fishing, knowing these places well, he follows predators, preventing the animals from multiplying in large numbers, in other words, he is engaged in shooting.

Racial intolerance and the desire to show ones superiority. On the basis of this soil, many interregional conflicts begin. And a free, but equally pronounced America occupies a separate position on this understanding. Its history affects a large number of this kind of incidents. And the showdowns shown in the film will be a vivid example, turning into a series of urban unrest. And the whole skirmish plunges into the history of the United States, everyone who is ready to understand this problem.

Continuation of the adventures of squirrel Surly and his friend rat Buddy! What will they come up with this time to survive in the city? In search of nuts, the animals get into new stories, find new troubles on their heads. Already, not one resident of the city has a tooth on these pranksters. But trying to eat nuts, animals reveal real criminals. Themselves not expecting Surly and Buddy become heroes!

What can overshadow a cheerful and crazy bachelorette party in Miami? Probably just the ridiculous death of a stripper. Now the girlfriends have to get out of the stupid story and somehow cover up the tracks until they are the cops hands.

In the beginning of the story we meet Lizzie Cree, a famous singer, who is arrested by suspect in husbands murder. Police ignores obvious connection to the same crimes recently committed in the city and the case goes to trial where the guilty verdict issues. The woman continues to deny her guilt. Lizzie literally screams about the golem killing the people. This is a terrible monster created by one of the citizens of London.

This is the last part of the trilogy telling about the Ring of Power and the characters who took responsibility for saving Middle-earth. Whatever the case may be, but the story begins from the moment when the dark lord Sauron decided to conquer the last hope fortress Minas Tirith. He sent his huge army to the walls of the fortress. It seems he was so interested in his fast-approaching victory that he did not notice two Hobbits coming up to Mount Doom.

The brotherhood has collapsed, but the u041aing of Power has to be destroyed. Frodo and Sam have to trust their lives to Gollum who said he would take them to the gates of Mordor. Saurons huge army is coming. Members of the brotherhood and their allies are ready to face the enemies. The fight for Middle-earth goes on.

The central figure of the film Atomic blonde is a pretty nice person, evoking sympathy for her appearance in any representative of the strong half. She can conquer anyone with her beauty and sense of humor, but nobody suspects that she is really nothing like an employee of the MI6 secret service. She perfectly shoots and can easily cope with any man.

In the modern society the confrontation between good and evil continues. No doubt, there are powerful persons, who put their own interests above the interests of others, in the world. When they are about to make a profitable deal they do not stop to kill uncooperative competitors and unwitting witnesses. Pretty and a little naive girl lives in Brooklyn. The young American girl is full of hopes for the future. There are changes and sad events in the country. These events lead to a military coup. One day Lucy meets brave war veteran. Interesting relations start between them.