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Deadpool (2016)


More recently, the former Special Forces commander Wade Wilson had an ordinary happy life and a beloved girl, and he did not even suspect how much everything would change in the near future. Everything changed at a time when Wade was diagnosed with a cancer that was slowly killing him, and influential people offered him a way out of this difficult situation. The hero was offered to undergo an unusual experiment that completely changed him. Now the once ordinary man has the ability to quick regeneration, incredible strength, speed and reaction. He became an ideal machine for murder and turned into a military program.

Original title: Deadpool
Release date: 2016-02-09
Genres: , , ,
Cast: Kyle Cassie, Kyle Rideout, David Hardware, Sean Quan, Naika Toussaint, Donna Yamamoto, Dan Zachary, Style Dayne, Morena Baccarin, Chad Riley
Crew: Robert Alonzo, Julian Clarke, Warren Hendriks, Daryl Makortoff, Simon Kinberg, Shaun Friedberg, Ted Caplan, Paul Massey, Keith Woods, John Houlihan
Runtime: 108 min
Language: en

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