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Death Note (2017)

Death Note

Light gets the opportunity to decide the fate of people with the help of a mysterious death note artifact. Having received unlimited power over the world of people, the student decides to devote his life to the mission of serving his own country, so it seems to him. A good cause with the help of black magic can not bring happiness and truth, this is to be understood a little later when his book and ability will be used by intruders working under cover of the FBI. When his hands and creatures subordinate his will, intelligence services solve their tasks, where civilians often do not belong to politics and power at all, becoming permissible victims in the struggle for power over the world. Was this fairness imagined by Light using black magic?

Original title: Death Note
Release date: 2017-08-25
Genres: ,
Cast: Michelle Choi-Lee, Albert Nicholas, Jessica McLeod, Jesse Irving, Addison Gosselin, Matthew Kevin Anderson, Michael Shamus Wiles, Al Miro, Juanpaolo Mercado, Anousha Alamian
Crew: Jeremy Slater, Louis F. Cioffi, Takeshi Obata, Tsugumi Ohba, Adam Wingard, Roy Lee, Dan Lin, Masi Oka, Jason Hoffs, David Tattersall
Runtime: 0 min
Language: en

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