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It (2017)


When in your city children are constantly lost, and adults are regularly found killed, there are enough reasons for excitement. But the main characters of this horror up to a certain point did not attach importance to the ongoing crimes in the district. But one day it touched one of the guys. Ten-year-old Billy made his younger brother a paper boat with which he went to play outside. Strong pressure of water washed away the boat into the sewer. Trying to get it, the kid became a victim of a monster who attacked him from a rain plum.

Original title: It
Release date: 2017-08-17
Cast: Nicholas Hamilton, David Katzenberg, Chosen Jacobs, Geoffrey Pounsett, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Javier Botet, Carter Musselman, Pip Dwyer, Kelly Van der Burg
Crew: Stephen King, William Waring, John Mackenzie, David Katzenberg, Sorin Popescu, Randy Morgan, Jeff Derushie, Jeremy Gillespie, Jordana Lieberman, Jon Chan
Runtime: 0 min
Language: en

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