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Star Trek Beyond (2016)

Star Trek Beyond

Action fascinating sci-fi movie, telling about the adventures of the brave crew of the spacecraft USS Enterprise. The captain of the ship James T. Kirk and his team, having gone to a five-year research mission, continue to search for new races and civilizations in the vastness of the unexplored human space. Suddenly, USS Enterprise was attacked by a destructive and ruthless wave of unknown aggressive aliens who launched the attack without warning and attempts to get in touch.

Original title: Star Trek Beyond
Release date: 2016-07-07
Cast: Simon Pegg, Jeff Bezos, Kim Kold, Danny Pudi, Matthew MacCaull, Fiona Vroom, Doug Jung, Idris Elba, Greg Grunberg, Dan Payne
Crew: Michael Giacchino, Jeremy Stanbridge, Valeria Migliassi Collins, Andrea Carter, Cameron Hilts, Miranda Davidson, Bruce McCleery, John Dale, Thomas E. Sanders, Lauren E. Polizzi
Runtime: 122 min
Language: en

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